2025 WR Target Jordan Allen Feels Like He Can ‘Thrive’ In Clemson Offense

Clemson has handed out just two offers to wide receivers in the 2025 class, with the most recent going to Jordan Allen over the weekend.

Allen (Buford, Ga) was arguably one of the best wideouts to take part in Dabo Swinney’s high school camp over the summer. The 3-star prospect made his return to campus for the Florida State game, leaving town with the coveted Clemson offer in hand.

“It was great,” Allen told All Clemson Tigers. “You know, just from the moment I walked off the bus, it was just nonstop love. Coach Grisham, and (Director of Recruiting) Jordan Sorrells and coach (Mickey) Conn, I mean I had great conversations with them. Just really made me feel like I was wanted.

“The environment was great, it was a lot of great energy. You look around the stadium and you see orange, it just surrounded the whole entire stadium. It was very loud. And just the love from the coaches on the coaching staff and the recruiting people and everything all around you. It was a great day. It was crazy.”

Before he left his home to head to Clemson, Allen heard from Sorrells and while he felt like the offer might be coming, it was still a moment he will never forget.

“Me and Jordan Sorrells, we talked, actually on Friday,” Allen said. “He called me and we chatted a little while. Then he shot a little text and it kind of hinted towards (the offer). Because he was just telling me how excited he was to get me down there and everything. And he just said, it’s going to be a special day for us and for you with the eye’s emoji. I felt it was coming but I wasn’t too sure. But I’m just very, very thankful for it.”

Part of what makes the moment so memorable is just how selective the Tigers are when it comes to handing out offers.

“They are a really selective school when it comes down to offering prospects,” Allen said. “I mean that really means a lot, you know. Just being one of the very few to be selected to be offered from a program like Clemson.”

While Clemson didn’t come away with a win, Allen saw enough from the offense to convince him it is a scheme he could be very productive in.

“I like it, you know, I feel like I can really thrive in the offense,” he said. “They get the ball in the playmaker’s hands and that’s something that plays a big part. I think they’re doing a good job, coach Riley and all those guys there. I like it.”

Young, who already holds more than a dozen offers, has already taken visits to Auburn, Duke, Tennessee and Georgia. He still plans to go to Florida, Central Florida and then he will return to Clemson for the Tigers’ matchup against Notre Dame on November 4.

While he has yet to formally finalize a timeline for a decision, Allen feels like he would like to have one made by the start of his senior season. He feels like he is really just getting started in the process and wants to take it slow.

For now, he is focused on building relationships and looking for a place he can call home after he is done with high school.

“Number one is just the relationship that I build with the coach and how much they are interested in me, how much they are interacting with me and how much they want me for me,” Allen said. “Then, location. Where is school? How far from my house. Are my parents gonna be able to come down. And their offensive scheme and what they do with the receivers. How do they develop the receivers. What are their receivers doing in the NFL and what are they doing after the NFL. I just try to pick schools apart like that. Looking deep into it and trying find all the good things that’s considered the most important things.”

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