2026 QB With Multiple Connections to Clemson Already Turning Heads In Georgia

CLEMSON- Hundreds of players poured through Dabo Swinney’s high school camps last week. From high school freshmen to seniors. All looking to be coached up by some of the best in the business.

One of those players was 2026 QB CJ Britt. The 6-foot-1 signal caller, out of Lanier Christian (Ga), made his first appearance at the camp last week and came away more than impressed.

“I love the school,” Britt told All Clemson Tigers. “One of the main factors was that ten or twelve of his former players came back to help coach with him, which was big for me. And they all gave good words when they were talking to all the campers. Love the school, love the facilities. Everybody was so smiling. So nice. Got to talk to Cade (Klubnik), and he was super open to talk to me also. So I just love the school.”

Britt is just a rising sophomore, but he is already turning heads in the state of Georgia. The young quarterback’s ability also caught the attention of head coach Dabo Swinney and offensive coordinator Garrett Riley, as well as analyst Tajh Boyd. All coaches who know a thing or two about quarterback play.

“They loved my throwing ability,” Britt said. “They love the touch and accuracy. I told them I am a dual threat also, they loved that. Garrett Riley and Dabo said they’ll be watching me and my career. Tajh Boyd as well. Good, positive feedback.”

While there is still some time before the Tigers really start zeroing in on 2026 targets, Britt already knows Clemson is currently the school he wants to play for. Not one of the schools, but the school. It’s the culture that Swinney has cultivated inside his program that he finds so intriguing.

However, Britt also has some connections to the school that includes a couple of quarterbacks who each led the Tigers to a national title. His head coach at Lanier Christian, Bruce Miller, also coached Deshaun Watson while he was in high school at Gainesville. Britt was just the second freshman to start for Miller. The first was Watson.

Britt’s personal quarterback coach is Ron Veal. He also works with Trevor Lawrence, as well as former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields. Add in his dad having a friendship with co-defensive coordinator Mickey Conn, as well as a longstanding relationship with former quarterback Nick Schuessler, and the connections are something else that Britt feels like draws him to Clemson.

“Being raised in Georgia, you’re a Georgia fan by heart, but just with the connection to Clemson, and Deshaun’s also from Gainesville, so had to follow the hometown hero,” Britt said. “And Dabo Swinney, I love him. He’s such a good coach and a good guy. So I fell in love with Clemson from a very early age.”

It’s not just the connections to the school, it’s also everything Swinney’s program stands for that Britt loves.

“The heart. Dabo Swinney is a Christian coach and he loves his players,” he said. “They have the successful players in the NFL. Relationships. He makes sure he knows his players, and knows them by name and makes sure how they’re doing all right. Checks on them.”

While it is still early in his high school career, Britt is already checking the boxes on the field. He is a two-sport star, who also excels in basketball and as a freshman he threw for more than 2,000 yards, with 25 touchdown passes to just five interceptions. He also added six rushing touchdowns.

His QBR of 127 was the highest in the state of Georgia among all freshmen and fifth highest in the nation. That number was even higher than that of fellow Georgian Ju Ju Lewis, who is considered the top quarterback prospect in the 2026 class.

Currently, TCU, Mississippi State and Florida are showing the most interest. For now, he is in no rush. He is going to enjoy the process and let his play on the field do the talking. When the recruiting process does start to really ramp up, though, he already knows what it is he will be looking for and Clemson checks every single box for the talented young quarterback.

“Coaches, and how they react with their players, with their former players,” Britt said. “Their culture, how they run their shifts and how they run a team. Hospitality. And then of course if they pass, that’s awesome too.”

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