All Clemson Tigers’ Recruiting Mailbag

You’ve got recruiting questions and we have the answers.

Welcome to the All Clemson Tigers’ recruiting mailbag, where we will answer your recruiting questions. Or we will at least attempt to do so, as recruiting is a world with many moving parts and an ever-changing landscape where circumstances can often change in a flash.

With that in mind, let’s dive in.

Mike: I am gonna beat a dead horse. Any news on offensive line recruiting?

Ideally, the staff wants to add two more. 4-star Elyjah Thurmon and 3-star Favour Edwin are the guys that have been the top two targets. Until now. 4-star Andrew Dennis (Mount Pleasant, Mi) anounced an offer on Wednesday.

The staff has been in communication with Dennis, but up until last week, he had been committed to Michigan State. Now that he has officially been offered, I fully expect Clemson to get an official for one of the remaining home games, I just don’t know which one yet. Edwin and Thurmon are set to take officials for the Georgia Tech game.

Kevin: Are we done at DE for 24 class?

At the moment, I lean towards thinking yes. I think that extra spot will go the 2025 class. There are many more options from a talent standpoint in the next class.

Clemson currently has commitments from 4-star Darien Mayo, who has taken a huge jump this season, and 3-star Adam Kissayi. With Xavier Thomas and Justin Mascoll definitely gone after the season that could very well lead to one of those gaps in the roster that we have heard Dabo Swinney reference with regards of going to the portal.

With guys like Cade Denhoff and Zaire Patterson being so slow to develop, sitting tight and doing nothing will put a ton pressure on guys like AJ Hoffler and David Ojiegbe, as well as the two incoming freshmen. I think end is a position the Tigers just might look to address in the portal.

Justin: Here’s a take and a question. Cade has looked good at times. Shown flashes that he has potential. But other times he looks like a dear in the headlights. And goes into panic mode way too fast. Is there a chance next year with Chris Vizzina having a year in the system that Cade’s leash tightens and Vizzina starts getting play time?

I don’t think Klubnik is where any of us thought he would be at this point, but I am of the opinion that he is nowhere close to the top of the list when it comes to the issues on the offensive side of the ball. Yes, he is putting the ball on the ground too much, but we have seen flashes of exactly how high his ceiling is. His good is REALLY good.

To me, the biggest thing with Klubnik is he is still young and inexperienced. He is inconsistent. And he is getting very little to no help from the guy’s up front or the running game. How much better would he be right now if the Tigers just had a serviceable rushing attack? Something to take some of the pressure off of his shoulders.

To me, Klubnik resembles a young quarterback who has no faith in his protection and none in the offense’s ability to run the ball. And that leads to him trying to do too much.

As for Vizzina, you absolutely hope he is in a position to at least push Klubnik hard in practice next spring. Competition makes everyone better, and let’s be honest, Klubnik basically had none this offseason. He knew he was the guy. And I still think he is the guy next year too.

However, we are still a long way from next spring. If Klubnik shows no growth between now and the end of the season, I think you have to do what you can to try and have Vizzina ready. But let’s also keep in mind that Vizzina was nowhere near as polished as Klubnik coming out of high school. There’s a reason he is redshirting this season. And unless you shore up the issues that are plaguing you up front, I’m not sure it matters.

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