Cade Klubnik Talks Progress of Clemson Offense at Halfway Point of Season

-CLEMSON- Cade Klubnik met with the media following Clemson’s 17-12 win over Wake Forest, touching on a number of subjects, including where the offense is at the halfway point of the season and his plans for the bye week.

What We Heard

  • Klubnik says the entire team is looking forward to the bye week. “My body feels really good right now, but it is also a time to rest the arm and things like that. Maybe take a day or two and not think about football. It will be nice to take a day or two this weekend and kind of reset.” Klubnik said he may go to the mountains for a day and go hiking.
  • “I will probably go back and watch the first six games and see what I can get better at, where I can improve.”
  • “Putting drives together. Other than the one drive last week we have gotten better at protecting the football. Making plays when they need to be made, but not forcing it,” Klubnik said of things they are still getting better at.
  • Klubnik said he feels like he was trying to do too much at times in the first two games.
  • Klubnik said the fumble against Wake Forest was on him, not Will Shipley. “I have got to be decisive.”
  • On taking the offense to the next level, Klubnik said, “I have honestly been proud of us the past four games. But just continuing to put drives together. When we make the routine plays, it is really good stuff.”
  • Klubnik said the Wake Forest game was his most “inaccurate” as a quarterback. Said he felt “off” during the game.
  • “They are both great route runners and both have really good hands. Whenever we switch them out I don’t see much of a difference,” Klubnik said when asked about Jake Briningstool and Sage Ennis.
  • When asked to grade his play this season, “I have seen myself get better. I got all the dumb crap out of the way early. I kind of let it loose against FAU. I kind of feel like I have added a little more every week in my mind. Now I just need to put it all together in one game.”

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