Clemson DC Goodwin to Rely on Freshmen Linebackers for Depth Following Dudley Dismissal

With linebacker T.J. Dudley dismissed for team violations this week, Clemson defensive coordinator and LB coach Wes Goodwin will need to develop his younger players in a hurry.

Depth will be an issue, and the Tigers will have to relay on youth behind their vaunted starters Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Barrett Carter Jr. and Wade Woodaz.

Goodwin talked about this at the Dear Old Clemson freshmen NIL even on Saturday and who he’ll be preparing to help out in 2023:

  • Goodwin is “super excited” to see where freshmen Jamal Anderson and Dee Crayton are after the summer. They’ll have a chance to play a lot more this season now with Dudley gone.
  • Goodwin doesn’t think he’ll have to adjust much without Dudley. “Now is your time, take advantage of their opportunities.”
  • Goodwin on what he hopes fans will see in the fall: “Hopefully a defense that’s fast and physical. Got a lot of experience coming back. Hopefully that depth and experience shows.”
  • Goodwin says the freshmen understand the process it takes to be successful coming out of high school.
  • On taking on Garrett Riley’s new, explosive offense: “It’s good to get challenged every day. It helps our guys grow.”

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