Clemson Fall Camp: What We Heard From Walker Parks and Jalyn Phillips

CLEMSON- Offensive lineman Walker Parks and safety Jalyn Phillips met with the media after Clemson’s second day in full pads during fall camp.

Here Is What We Heard

Jalyn Phillips:

  • Phillips is asked about some of the competitiveness at practice that led to some fights breaking out on Thursday, and he says that is nothing major. That is is just the team competing and getting more confident.
  • Seven days in, the competitiveness on both sides is the biggest thing that has stood out to Phillips.
  • Phillips notes this is his last season and that he plans to “leave it all out on the field.”
  • Phillips says the Tigers are “loaded” at defensive back. Notes that “experience is everything” and the Tigers have a lot of that on the backend.
  • Talks both Andrew Mukuba and RJ Mickens up. Calls Mukuba ‘”a dog.”
  • The speed of the new offense is what makes it so hard to defend, according to Phillips. Says the offense is doing a “little bit of everything” when asked if the defense is being stretched vertically and horizontally.
  • Phillips said going up against this Clemson defense every day in practice should make the offense the best it can be.
  • Says the WRs are making plays and playing fast.
  • Phillips noted that freshman Khalil Barnes is “looking good.” Also talks up Rob Billings, Kylon Webb and Sherrod Covil. Called the Tigers “loaded” at safety.
  • Phillips said he was banged up to end last season and that it feels good to be fully healthy again.

Walker Parks:

  • Parks says the theme, so far in camp, is getting better every day. That includes knocking some rust off since he missed the spring.
  • Says dealing with the injury last year was frustrating, but at the same time it has given him a better appreciation for the game. He is also still working to get all the way back and fully trust the ankle that was injured.
  • Talks the development of the offensive line. Parks admits it has taken some time but thinks this group is really ready to take that next step. Says they are still a long ways from where they need to be but he is confident they will be there come the start of the season.
  • On Tristan Leigh: “That dude is a workhorse.” Says it is time for him and that has taken that next step.
  • Parks says he thinks he is at his best when he is pulling. He loves getting out in space.
  • The biggest difference in this offense compared to the old one is the offensive line setting the protections.
  • Parks says the offensive line is going to be “deep.” Thinks they have eight guys they can win with right now.
  • Says there is no one stronger on the field than Dietrick Pennington.
  • Says Peter Woods is a very developed player for a freshman. Says he works hard and is a great kid. Thinks he will help the team this year.

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