Clemson HC Dabo Swinney Thinks ‘Unhealthy Dynamic’ of Transfer Portal Will ‘Settle Out’

Dabo Swinney has never shied away from voicing his concerns over some of the new transfer rules in college football.

Swinney was a guest on the most recent edition of The Players Club Podcast, hosted by former Clemson RB Darien Rencher, and the head coach once again voiced some of his concerns over what he has referred to in the past as the unintended consequences that have come with some of the rule changes. 

However, at the same time, he did say that everyone is still learning how to navigate the new landscape, and that he is still hopeful some of the issues will take care of themselves.

“There’s just this unhealthy dynamic right now, but it will all settle out,” Swinney said. “Like anything, you kind of learn as you go. It will all settle out. Everybody is kind of figuring it out.”

Swinney has spent a lot of time on the road recruiting over the past few weeks, and he said the effect the new rules are having on the high school prospects is something that is the most concerning.

“Being on the road for the last two weeks, the biggest issue is a lot of colleges aren’t signing high school kids anymore, and the high school coaches are up in arms about it,” Swinney said. “I can’t tell you how many high schools I’ve been in the last two weeks that the coaches are so frustrated because they won’t sign their kids. Because if the kid goes there and has a good year, he’s leaving, whereas they can sign these portal guys and there’s 3,000 guys in the portal and there’s not enough spots for them to go, so they know kids are going to fall down to them.”

While the goal for every college football player is to one day make it to the NFL, the fact is a large majority will not, and it’s those kids that Swinney thinks could be more negatively impacted.

“There are some things going on that I don’t think is sustainable and I don’t think is good for a lot of young people,” Swinney said. “You’re talking 18, 19, 20-year-olds that shouldn’t be equipped (to handle that yet), you know? And 98 percent are not going to play in the NFL. So, let’s help them maximize this for sure, but let’s don’t allow some of the craziness that’s creeping up.”

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