Clemson Offer ‘Eye Opening’ for 2025 OL Max Buchanan

Max Buchanan is one of a just a handful of offensive linemen in the 2025 class to already hold an offer from Clemson.

The 6-foot-4, 275-pound prospect, out of Seminole, Florida, worked out for the coaching staff on the very first day of Dabo Swinney’s high school camp. It was Buchanan’s second time participating in the camp, with his first appearance coming ahead of his freshman season.

“They’re a winning program,” Buchanan told All Clemson Tigers. “They always have been. They always will be. I will say that I’m not really worried about going over there and not winning. They’ve built something around Dabo (Swinney) and everything over there. It’s an amazing program.”

While growing up in Florida, Buchanan grew up rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs. Although, he’s also followed Clemson closely, due in part to a family friend.

“They’re recruiting bigtime guys,” he said. “They just got a bigtime 2025 commit running back (Gideon Davidson), so that was good to see. And I’ve always liked them because I have a family friend that lived up near Clemson, and he’s always been a fan. So he’s always talked to me about it. And I was really impressed with the area that Clemson is in. It’s not a big town, but it’s just big enough.”

After his workout, Buchanan had the opportunity to sit down and have a long conversation with offensive line coach Thomas Austin. The two talked about a number of things, including how seriously the Clemson coaching staff views academics inside the football program.

“Afterward, I sat down with (Austin) and we talked for probably about an hour,” Buchanan said. “Just about the program, me and him. And grades, too. Some of these colleges I go to, some of them bring up grades, but they didn’t bring it up as in-depth as he did. And I have good grades, but he was breaking it down to me. He sat down and broke it down to me. Like how they do the GPA and stuff. I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m glad you did that.’ It helped me understand that.”

Two weeks after that conversation, Buchanan received a phone call from Austin, letting him know that the Tigers were offering him a scholarship. Buchanan sees the offer as validation of all of the hard work he has put into honing his craft.

“It means a lot to me,” Buchanan said. “Honestly, I would say it really opens my eyes. I’m thinking I know I’m good, but then I’m like, am I really top-notch? I mean, I think I am but then I’m getting these top notch offers and this interest and stuff and it’s opening my eyes and I’m thinking I can really do this. And then that one just really solidified that I can.”

Currently, Buchanan has 17 offers, with some of the other schools being Florida State, Penn State, Colorado, Ole Miss and Auburn. Buchanan said right now he is hearing from Clemson, UCF, Penn State, Ole Mis, Auburn and FSU the most.

As for what the rest of his summer looks like, Buchanan is still ironing out the details on any future visits. He does know that he would like to be committed before the start of his senior season and that culture will play a big part in that decision.

“I’m looking for a family atmosphere really,” Buchanan said. “I’m looking for someone that I like, the way they coach, it’s intense. But once we’re off the field, you’re calm and we can talk about stuff. And definitely a family aspect of doing stuff outside of football. Hanging out.”

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