Clemson Quarterback Already Thinking About His Legacy

Cade Klubnik Jason Priester All Clemson

It is normal for a senior to imagine or dream about his legacy when his days of playing a sport are coming to an end, but maybe not so normal for a true freshman. But that is what makes Clemson quaterback Cade Klubnik different, he is already thinking about his legacy and what he hopes Clemson fans will remember him for when his time is done at Clemson.

“I would probably just say a selfless guy that just loved on people. If I ever get to have a conversation with somebody, just that they’re going to be like, something was a little different about him,” Klubnik shared on the Next Up Podcast with host Adam Breneman. “Just somebody that loves on people.”

While Klubnik hopes that he will be remembered for being a good guy off the field, he also wants to be remembered for one thing on the field.

“But going into this next year, I hope that they say he’s a national champion,” he added.

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