Clemson Spring Practice: Day 2 Observations (Defense)

CLEMSON, S.C. — The Clemson Football team was back on the practice field Tuesday behind the Allen Reeves Football Complex.

Once again, the media was allowed to watch the first five periods of practice. Here is what All Clemson Tigers observed from the defensive side of the ball.

–The media got to watch tempo for a second straight day. Once again, it was a good-on-good period. The defenses looked ahead of the offense in the drill, but that is to be expected during spring drills.

Defensive end Jaheim Lawson, the younger brother of former Clemson star Shaq Lawson, recorded a sack on the final play of the drill.

–Here is how the first team defense looked, as far as who ran onto the field first. Toriano Pride and Nate Wiggins were the starting corners. Andrew Mukuba and Tyler Venables were the safeties. The linebackers were Jeremiah Trotter and Barrett Carter. R.J. Mickens was the nickel back.

Up front was Greg Williams and Cade Denoff at defensive end, while Tyler Davis and Peter Woods were the defensive tackles.

–The second team had Malcolm Greene at corner, along with Kylon Griffin. Khalil Barnes and Kylen Webb were the safeties. T.J. Parker and Zaire Patterson were the defensive ends, while Tre Williams and Vic Burley were the defensive tackles.

DeMonte Capehart was not present. On Monday, head coach Dabo Swinney mentioned he might go home for personal reasons.

–The third team defense consisted of Shelton Lewis at one corner position, along with Griffin. Stephiylan Green was defensive tackle along with Caden Story. The defensive ends were Lawson and Armon Mason. Peter Nearn and Jacob Hendricks played safety and Dee Clayton played linebacker. Caleb Nix played the SAM/Nickel.

–It is only Day 2, but Aidan Swanson has come out hot at punter, while Jack Smith did not look as good in Day 2. Antonio Williams and Will Shipley were still returning punts.

–Former Clemson defensive tackle DeShawn Williams was at practice on Tuesday, as was Antoine McClain. Former wide receiver Xavier Dye, who is now coaching running backs at Coastal Carolina, was also on hand to observe practice.

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