Clemson Tiger Quarterback Cade Klubnik Had a ‘Great Spring’

It wasn’t the result that Cade Klubnik wanted in the spring game, as he was intercepted twice–while throwing for 190 yards–in the White team’s 20-13 loss. However, even though the Tiger signal caller’s day wasn’t what he had hoped, head coach Dabo Swinney said that Klubnik had a great spring camp.

“He’s had a great spring for sure, a really, really good spring,” Swinney said. “And I’m pleased with what we’ve been able to get in. And so yeah, as being incomplete, yes, we know that, but we’ve still been able to get everything installed. We’ve still been able to lay a good foundation. And it’s going to come together nicely. I really believe that.”

As for the interceptions, those were simply a mix of great plays by the defense and some tough breaks by the offense.

“He made some great off-schedule plays and extends play. That’s what I love to see. All the rest of it will come together the way it needs to,” Swinney said. “But a couple tough breaks … I mean, that was a great play by Nate. I mean, the ball’s right on the money and it’s … We kind of played a little short instead of played … At worse, it needs to be incomplete. But we were kind of tight to the body. And Nate reached around tips … Tips are supposed to be picks, you know?

And then what a great … I think Jamal maybe got his hand on the one ball. That was a bang-bang play down there. And Mickens came up one. Khalil came up one. But he did a heck of a job. But what you love about him is, man, he can extend. I mean, he can really turn 2.8 seconds into eight, nine seconds. And it’s just hard when you have a guy that can do that when he is really alive.”

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