Clemson Tigers LB Trotter Talks Mental Reps, Freshmen, Confidence in DC

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. had to learn the art of mental reps during fall camp this year. 

The Clemson linebacker was sidelined at times with a hamstring injury, and Trotter still worked hard in practice going through the calls, how he’d get everyone lined up, what he would do before and after the snap. 

However, there was never really any belief that he’d miss Monday’s game against Duke

“I’m feeling good,” Trotter said. “I’m definitely gonna be ready for Duke.” 

Here’s what else the returning All-American linebacker had to say during his time with the media on Wednesday:

Trotter said defensive coordinator Wes Goodwin implemented changes throughout last season, found different blitz patterns to use, and was always looking to improve the defense and the players. So there’s a lot of confidence from Trotter heading into Goodwin’s second season

On the Tennessee loss in the Orange Bowl: “We learned from that game and got better. Excited to start off on a good note as a team and a defense and show all that work and that grinding in the offseason has paid off.” 

Trotter said the defenders worked really hard on creating more turnovers this year by doing more drills in practice. They ran turnover circuits each practice and repped punching the ball out in hopes that it becomes muscle memory during games and results in more fumbles forced. “I think it carries over (to games),” Trotter said. 

Trotter on freshmen linebackers Dee Crayton and Jamal Anderson: “I’m really excited about those guys. I’m gonna watch the grow. I can’t wait to see what their journey has in store for them. They’re always asking questions, always wanting to know the how, what, when, why.”

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