Clemson Tigers Practice Observations: Blitz the Sh*& Out of People

The media were allowed to watch the first 4.5 periods of practice Wednesday, below are what we saw on a day that saw the Tigers do a lot of individual work:

Defensive Observations:

  • Tyler Davis had a block during the FG period that drew a huge celebration from teammates and coaches alike.
  • Nick Eason worked a lot on the base stance with the linemen and emphasized the importance of doing the little things right. In fact, he said, “We are going to have our opportunities to blitz the shit out of people…but you have to earn your opportunities to do that.” You earn the right to blitz the quarterback by doing the little things right
  • Tons of emphasis on tackling…proper form. Mike Reed was constantly imploring the defenders to do the drills right because that will keep you in the game–either by preventing injury or ejection.
  • Mickey Conn called the d-line out and told them they were the worst group tackling. Said, “This is Clemson University act, like you belong.” The poor tackling performance even drew Swinney over who said, ‘”Act like you want to make a tackle!”

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