Clemson’s Ruke Orhorhoro on Duke Loss: ‘Things Don’t Always Turn Out the Way You Want’

Veteran defensive linemen Ruke Orhorhoro addressed the media on Wednesday the Clemson Tigers’ 28-7 road loss to Duke.

What We Heard

  • Orhorhoro said “if we were as dominant as we should have been, we would have won.”
  • “Things don’t always turn out the way you want them. I expected to come in here 1-0. But it is only week one. There is so much ball left to be played.”
  • Noted that it is important to have “amnesia” and focus on the next game.
  • After watching the film, Orhorhoro believes all the issues seen on the defense are fixable.
  • “Sometimes losses like this open people’s eyes, and I feel like it opened our eyes.”
  • Said Peter Woods looked like a “natural” out there in his debut. “He played his butt off. Doing things he has done all fall camp.”
  • “This is a performance-based game and we have to perform.” However, Orhorhoro said he personally tries not to put too much pressure on himself after losses like the one experienced at Duke.
  • “Clemson fans are very loyal. Always with us through thick and thin and I would say to just stick with us. I hope to see (the fans) in a packed-house stadium on Saturday.”

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