Dabo Swinney Excited to Finally See All Midyears on the Field

Of the 27 Clemson Tiger signees, 15 are already on campus, and it’s a class that really focused on strengthening the team in the trenches. Clemson signed three blue-chip offensive linemen, as well as six blue-chip defensive linemen, the most in any one class since 2015, when the Tigers signed seven. DT Peter Woods and Vic Burley are two of the more prominent names, with both being SI99 players.

For Dabo Swinney, the excitement of the spring is amplified by getting to finally see these players on the field–doing what they were brought to Clemson to do.

“I mean a few of them I got to see at the bowl, which was kind of cool. But really just kind of where they are,” Swinney said. “I mean, you know, never really know until you get on the practice field and you start coaching guys, how do they grab a hold of things in the meeting room and can they translate it to the practice field?

“I just want to see them go out there and compete. I want to see where they are, see how they match up. I’m excited about it. And there’s a few more, like I said coming in this summer that I’ll be excited about as well. But, it’s going to be fun. First couple days are in shorts but we’ll ramp it up on Wednesday, start getting into some pad work but just kind of where they are, see them compete and I think all the mid-years with the exception of Paul Tyson, I think all those guys are ready to go. So just get a feel for who they are on the field.”

It also features Chris Vizzina, one of the top quarterback prospects in the country, who Swinney is excited to see in person.

“I’m super excited to see CV because I literally have not been on the field with him yet. I mean he didn’t go to the bowl game with us, so today will be the first time that I’ve been on the field with him. We’ve had walkthroughs but we’ve not been able to run routes and things like that.

“So I’m excited to see him out there. I’m sure he’ll be nervous.”

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