Dabo Swinney: ‘I’m responsible for that’

Following the Clemson Tigers loss to the Miami Hurricanes Saturday, head coach Dabo Swinney answered a barrage of questions from the media Sunday night during his weekly teleconference–here is what we heard from Swinney.

  • On the Tigers’ turnover issues, inability to finish: “I’m responsible for that.” “Never been through anything like it … we can’t quite seem to put it together.”
  • “We’ve had a lot of good times and will have a lot more but we’ve had bad times, too … Just gotta get over the hump … The turnovers, never been through anything like it –- we just can’t quite seem to put it together”
  • “Football’s a lot like life, you have peaks and valleys and right now we’re in a valley … Good news again is we get another opportunity to go play. “If we can put it all together, we can be a good team.”
  • On sitting Klubnik: “No. Cade gives us the best chance to win. He made some amazing plays. His good is really, really good. Definitely some miscues as well. Got to grow through it with him, but he gives us the best chance.”
  • “We’ve got a huge job to do as coaches. It’s a lot like life you have a lot of peaks and valleys and we are in a valley. We have to rally around each other. We have to figure out how to play complimentary football.”
  • On the offensive line: “Really disappointed … We just didn’t play well enough there.”
  • On his Suicide comments last night: “That was such a poor attempt at humor on my part, and just a really bad choice of words in a bad moment and certainly not something I should say and I absolutely apologize for that.”
  • On Antonio Williams: “Antonio Williams is probably going to be out a little while”

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