Dabo Swinney Updates Health of the Tigers, Talks Georgia Tech and Military Appreciation Day

Clemson, formally founded as Clemson Agricultural College in November 1889, was originally a military school, reflecting a belief at the time that a military atmosphere produced the highest academic excellence. Beginning with the first graduating class of 1896, more than 10,000 Clemson men and women have served in the armed forces.

Throughout the decades, Clemson’s military heritage has remained, even as the university transitioned to a coeducational civilian institution in 1955. Saturday’s game against Georgia Tech will be Clemson’s 30th Military Appreciation Day. The history of the special day dates to 1994 when Clemson had a special flyover for the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech game on Nov. 12, just one day after Veterans Day. The flyover of four F-16s from Shaw Air Force Base during pregame was the highlight of the celebration that day.

“Big picture-wise, there’s a lot going on in the world right now. So it’s a great time to honor our military and their sacrifice and their families.”

What we heard:

  • On Tech: “They’re creative, do a great job getting the ball to their playmakers … everything starts with QB Haynes King. He’s made a bunch of big plays.”
  • On Will Shipley: “Will was able to go in green yesterday, so he is trending back… his head and all that is good so just making sure his neck is where it needs to be…He looked good last night, we’ll see where he is today.”
  • Other injury updates: Sheridan is out, Mickens is day-to-day, Phillips is out
  • “Phil got hot last week. We want to make sure he has the chance to stay hot…. But we’ve won a lot of games because of Will Shipley, and he’ll remind you real quick.”
  • On Tech: “I think their whole offensive line has played well as a group, as a unit. This quarterback understands the game. He’s crafty…It will create some one on one’s so you have to make some competitive plays… we gotta defeat some blocks and pressure the quarterback, no secret about that”
  • On the impact of win against Notre Dame:”We have had some really tough loses, haven’t been able to finish… it certainly helps our confidence and we beat a really good team with the least available personal that we have had all year”
  • On how beating ND affects the mindset for the game against GT: “It shouldn’t be, in reality it can be… if last weeks result impacts your mindset for this week you are probably never going to be consistently great… every game is a season of it’s own and you have to look at it that way”
  • “Every game is a season of its own. You have to look at it that way if you’re going to have consistency. That’s what you have to do when you’re in the arena and you are competing at the highest level.” “Last week’s touchdowns don’t carry over to this week.”
  • On Jeremiah Trotter Jr: “He is the epitome of consistency and preparation. He loves the game, he studies the nuances of it … he’s a QB out there playing at a high level.”

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