Dabo Swinney’s Pleased with Clemson’s Spring Progress

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Coming out of the first of three scrimmages in spring football, Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney couldn’t be happier with the progress his Tigers have made thus far. 

“I’d say we’re ahead of where I thought we may have been at this point,” Swinney said Wednesday. “Going in, a lot of new people, obviously doing some things new offensively. Really philosophy, systematically a little bit and terminology and stuff like that, getting everybody on the same page, they’ve done a great job. Coaches have done an awesome job and really, really pleased.”

For Swinney, it’s been the effort that’s stood out. He says sometimes, players don’t always bring the right spirit, and he has to bring the energy out of them. But that’s not been the case this month. 

“I have not had one day, not one day, with this team in seven days I have felt like I’ve had to go get (their energy),” Swinney said. “That is a credit to the leadership. We’ve had great energy, and we’ve had great competitiveness.” 

Another surprise noted by Swinney on Wednesday is how clean the Tigers have played. Despite installing a new system under offensive coordinator Garrett Riley and missing several key returnees because of injuries and rehab, Clemson has not had major procedural issues. 

Swinney’s also pleased with how the offensive install has progressed, especially without offensive linemen Marcus Tate and Walker Parks and seven scholarship receivers. 

“We’ve actually been able to get a lot done,” Swinney said. 

The Tigers will meet one more time this week, but there are no more practices scheduled until March 27. Clemson is out on spring break next week. 

When they return, the Tigers will have seven eight more spring practices, including another scrimmage and the annual Orange and White Spring Game on April 15.

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