Despite Comparisons to Clemson Greats, Cade Klubnik Focused on Being Himself

Starting QB Cade Klubnik met with the media on Monday to talk about the performance of the Clemson offense in the 66-17 win over FCS foe Charleston Southern.

What We Heard

  • On the fumble against Charleston Southern, Klubnik admits he just has to handle that snap.
  • When asked about flushing bad plays, the quarterback said he hopes he doesn’t have too many of those types of mistakes that he will have to flush. But he knows he can’t be perfect. “Sometimes quarterbacks get in the habit of making a bad play and trying to make it up.” Said he feels like he has 134 guys on the sidelines that have his back.
  • Said the interception on Saturday was probably the worst play of his whole life. Outside of the two turnovers, he thought the offense “had a heck of a game.” He said he was trying to throw the ball away instead of taking a 10-yard sack. “I had to come back and refocus. I had a decision to make. I can chin it and keep rolling and play like me, or I can let the external factors, the fans, and what people are saying come to my soul. I just didn’t let that happen,” he said about hearing some boos after the play.
  • Klubnik doesn’t worry about any outside noise. He takes his cues from his faith.
  • After chasing the defender down after he fumbled, Klubnik is asked if he is the fastest player on the team. He has been clocked at a little over 21 mph in each of the first two games. “I would not say I am the fastest on the team but I am definitely a guy that shows off game speed when needed. There is nobody that will put more effort or try harder than I am.”
  • When asked about being compared to Deshaun Watson and Trevor Lawrence. Klubnik said he just tries to be himself, but at the same time he does look up to those guys. “I am trying to just be me and I hope that is good enough.”
  • Klubnik feels like he was a lot more relaxed and poised against Charleston Southern.
  • Having veterans Paul Tyson and Hunter Helms in the QB room has helped Klubnik tremendously.
  • Klubnik said he was very happy to see Troy Stellato back on the field. Said he has seen flashes of what he can do even in his limited work at practice.

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