FAU Gathering, Dancing on Paw During Pregame ‘Fired’ Tigers Up

CLEMSON- Two of Tyler Brown’s three catches went for touchdowns in Clemson’s 48-14 win over Florida Atlantic on Saturday night.

The freshman wideout had 49 receiving yards and also added a 44-yard punt return in the win. Brown met with the media afterwards to talk about his breakout performance.

What We Heard

  • “Definitely. When it comes to that PAW, we really take pride in that,” Brown said when asked about FAU dancing on the Paw during pregame. “When coach (Joey) Batson came in there and told us about that, we definitely got fired up.”
  • Coming off his first night game at Death Valley, Brown said he was still “trying to comprehend” the experience and how well he played.
  • Brown said that on his 30-yard TD catch, Cade Klubnik changed the play. “He is so smart. He saw that post was going to be wide open. We’d been practicing all week and we made it happen.” The route Brown was originally supposed to run was a little cross fade. “When the ball was in the air, it felt like it was forever.”
  • “Coach Swinney relies on the fact of not letting your highs be too high and your lows being too low,” Brown said about responding after muffing a punt. “We definitely got to go correct that in practice this week. We’re going to be practicing those punt returns for sure.”
  • Brown said he is not really surprised by the early success he is experiencing. He credited his work ethic. “It’s surreal.”
  • Brown said the Tigers’ passing attack is getting better every week and they feel like they are close. “we’re hitting it hard. We are hitting it hard in practice.” He praised the Clemson defense for making them better in practice.

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