Garrett Riley Wants Tigers to Be ‘Physical’

CLEMSON—Clemson Tigers’ offensive coordinator Garrett Riley met with the media for the first time this fall to preview the Tiger offense. And while many have called the offensive style more finesse than physical, Riley sees things different.

“We’ve got to be physical. We are not going to lose that. We’ve got to be a physical team. I think the consistency in what we do. It doesn’t have to be really complicated. We expect to have great players here at Clemson and I think what’s exciting is to be simple, be in attack mode, and let our guys play and be free. That’s our whole approach with them.” 

Other Notes from Riley’s Media Availability:

  • I’m watching the quarterback show on Netflix right now with Mahomes and coach Reid is giving the players a period in practice just to come up with whatever plays they want to do as players. I think that’s a little bit like what we’ve got going on here just with giving players ownership so they can buy in even more. I think that’s critical, especially in Year 1 in a transition.”
  • “I don’t want to be labeled as ‘we’re just going to go ultra-fast and that’s it.’ We want to dictate tempo and be explosive, but we also want to be methodical and shove it down some people’s throats at times. I hope we can be versatile that way and have the mentality where we can do that and take over games with whatever is required, that’s the bottom line.”  
  • He’s (Cade Klubnik) not scared of the moment. The kid is a competitor, no question. I think that’s in his DNA. Got to see some great things that he did (in the spring) but also some learning that’s going to happen that comes with experience, and that’s just the nature of the beast at that position.” 

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