Graham Neff Introduces New NIL Initiative, Talks Future of Clemson Athletics

CLEMSON- Clemson Athletic Director Graham Neff met with the media on Tuesday to introduce the new NIL initiative at Clemson called the 110 Society, as well as touch on a number of other topics, including attendance and the future of Tigers’ athletics.

“Incredible appreciation for our fans.” Neff said. “Our highest attended season since 2015.”

What We Heard

  • On the new 110 Society, the new NIL endeavor at Clemson: “Couldn’t be more aggressive and prioritize NIL. Want to continue to be very present with that, Coach (Dabo) Swinney will, and all of our coaches.”
  • On contract for next year’s rivalry game with South Carolina, Neff says no contract is in place yet. “The mindset is to continue to play the game. It’s just a non-negotiable. We have and we’ll continue to play that game period, no matter what changes.”
  • On Clemson’s place in future landscape of college football: “We’re gonna continue to do what’s best for Clemson and be incredibly well read … we have consultants, support … It’s my job to position us. We are going to continue to do what’s best for Clemson. We have consultants and support that continue to do that. We are great members of the ACC & we’re going to continue to be great members of the conference that we’re in. That’s really important. That means day-to-day meetings and strategy and football scheduling, all those things, and how we talk about that publicly.”
  • On money distribution: “I do expect over the coming months for the (ACC Success Initiative) to be finalized. I understand the economics of it.”
  • On negotiations for unequal revenue distribution within the ACC: “Our intention is to certainly have success and therefore gather more dollars from the ACC in that regard. Yes, the economics, but we view it as more than that.”
  • “It is easy just to think conference affiliation. But there are many variables including how we are positioning Clemson nationally.”
  • More on the NIL collectives and bidding on players: “Very well aware an active in how that works. Could not be more proud about Clemson with how we have provided the resources. Coach Swinney has talked about it a lot, NIL is important. Howe we position NIL from a recruitment standpoint, it is important that we have the resources. But that is not how our coaches recruit them to come here.”
  • On NIL aggressiveness compared to bigger schools: “We fight above our weight class. Of our 180K of living alums, a third of those have graduated in the last 10 years. I certainly don’t view our NIL to be just about the money. I am not really allowed to know with how all the collective fundraising works. We are aggressive in our programming and support. So I would agree that we are very aggressive. I might come across as we are not as aggressive but that is because we are not all about the dollar here. That number aout the alumni base is why I am bullish on the NIL future here.”
  • On potential invite from another league and the timing: “We do not have a mile-marker or a finish line.”

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