Helmets On At All Times: Clemson Looking to ‘Set Record Straight’ Against Gamecocks

Cade Klubnik (Jason Priester All Clemson)

CLEMSON- Will Putnam, Cade Klubnik and Tristan Leigh all met with the media on Monday to preview the Clemson-South Carolina rivalry game set to be played on Saturday night inside Williams-Brice Stadium.

What We Heard

Will Putnam

  • On last home game: “It was a surreal moment. Probably one of the loudest games I have been a part of.”
  • On hearing about last year’s loss to SC: “It was a tough loss. For us, it is such a big game, whether we win or we lose, you definitely know who won the last one. We lost the last one and they made it well known and we are looking forward to the opportunity to set the record straight.”
  • “Just being so close and losing. We had multiple opportunities and we just didn’t execute. You flush it but you do not forget it. I remember my neighbor playing Sandstorm all night. I wanted to tell them to turn it down but we did not get it done on the field, so I figured have at it.”
  • Putnam says there is no longer a countdown in the locker room specific to the South Carolina game.
  • On the OL coming together: “Proves how important momentum is. It is great for us also having two really great backs. There is a lot of synergy which is really important.”
  • On mixing and matching along OL: “We practice with a bunch of guys. Timing can be a thing but the question is are you doing your job and at a high level.”
  • “When we were in fall camp, our OL looked completely different. Walker Parks is sorely missed. When he went down you could see some of those growing pains. Vets we were really counting on got hurt.”
  • On Cade Klubnik: “He has really settled in and started playing consistent football. Us getting the running game going has helped him out a little bit. I think Clemson football has a really bright future.”
  • On Williams Brice: “Keep your helmet on. I like it. I think it is a great environment. I think it is the best road environment I have played in. It is awesome. I really enjoy when people are booing you.”
  • Favorite memory from SC game: “2021. My ankle was hurt and I was sick and we got a big win.”
  • “It really is just another week, practice wise. Rinse and repeat. That is how you have to approach it. The only difference is who we are playing but as for preparation it is the same.”

Cade Klubnik

  • On Spencer Rattler: “He is a good guy. Great guy. We hit it off really well but have not talked a lot since I got to college. He is a great player.”
  • On watching passing game struggle vs SC game last year: “I knew my role and I was at peace with that. It was hard on our seniors. That was one thing I focused on last week, I wanted Will Putnam and those guys to go out with a win.”
  • On Williams Brice and atmosphere: “One of the best atmospheres in college football. Just great energy. Very loyal fan base and high energy. I think it is fun to play games like that. It is always super fun to play games on the road in college football. Definitely a fun game in a great stadium.”
  • Adam Randall playing with broken hand: “You got to have some dog in you. I live with him and literally have not heard him complain one time.”
  • Loudest crowd on road he has faced: “Syracuse is probably up there (this year). It was louder than I thought it was going to be.”
  • On Will Shipley: “He is one of my favorite teammates I have ever had. Everytime you give him the ball, something crazy is about to happen. So selfless, and so appreciative of him.”
  • Final play before the half against UNC: “That was a mistake on my part.”
  • On Nate Wiggins strip vs UNC: “That was the best play I have ever seen in my life. The most selfless play you can make. The play of the game without a doubt.”
  • Klubnik said Johnny Manzell was his favorite player growing up. “It is pretty cool that we both wear the same number.”

Tristan Leigh

  • On switching back and forth from tackle to guard: “I am glad to get that experience. It is never easy but now I know I can play that position.”
  • On being full-time LT: “It is honestly just a blessing. In practice, I was doing extra conditioning after and I would say that is the biggest difference. More reps is honestly just the biggest difference.”
  • On learning about rivalry with SC: “I am from Virginia. I did not understand it at first but now you see it means a lot to a lot of people. We are playing for something bigger than ourselves and I am blessed to be a part of it.”
  • “It is one of our goals. Win the state championship. Definitely got a little more juice to it.”
  • “I went to the SC-Alabama (recruiting visit) game my junior year (high school). Great atmosphere. Fun to watch.”
  • On the OL: “I feel like we are playing with a lot of confidence.”
  • On Will Shipley: “He is a dude and he is an edgy guy. It makes you want to run through a brick wall when you see that red in his eyes.”

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