Injuries Won’t Hamper Installation of New Clemson Offense

Garrett Riley, Cade Klubnik (Jason Priester All Clemson)

CLEMSON, S.C.- With the Tigers missing so many players this spring, one might assume that would slow down the process of installing a new offense.

However, according to Garrett Riley, that is actually not the case at all. Even without multiple key contributors, including offensive linemen Marcus Tate and Walker Parks, as well as receivers Adam Randall and Beaux Collins, who will be limited all spring, Clemson’s new offensive coordinator said right now it’s not necessarily about who is on the field.

“Install wise, really not much,” Riley said when asked about the impact of injuries. “We’re going to put in what we need to put in for the spring and just get a base foundation of accumulating great tape for us to move forward into summer and into fall camp and all that. So I really don’t care who’s out there right now. We’ve got guys that need to get reps and there’s things we need to get installed and things we need to get good tape of and then we can build off of that.”

In fact, Riley expects to have most of his system in place by the end of spring.

“If I had to put a percentage on it, I’d say probably 80 to 90. Pretty full amount,” Riley said. “And then you always see where it goes.”

After that, it’s all about identifying strengths and weaknesses. Then, by the time the team opens fall camp, Riley plans to build the Tigers’ offense around what the players do best.

“You put in your base install and then you see what you’re good at,” Riley said. “That’s what we’re trying to do as coaches. That’s ultimately one of our goals on offense is we got to be able by the end of spring to identify what our strengths and weaknesses are and based on that, that’s what we’ll go into fall camp with. Based on that in fall camp, that’s what we’re going to roll with in the season and we’re going to live and die with that.”

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