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Recruiting Visitors

With all the smoke surrounding 2024 RB commit David Eziomume earlier this week, it is no doubt noteworthy that he plans on being back at Clemson this weekend. There have been rumors of Eziomume having plans to visit Auburn for the Iron Bowl next weekend but he tells All Clemson Tigers’ he has no plans to do so.

2024 QB commit Blake Hebert also makes his return to campus this weekend. 2024 WR commit TJ Moore also plans to attend.

One of the most notable uncommitted visitors is 4-star OL Andrew Dennis. The former Michigan State commit makes his first game day visit to Clemson, He plans to announce at the All American Bowl in January. Penn State is thought to be the leader, but the fact that Dennis is even coming for an official makes it pertty clear he is far from decided. This is the Tigers chance to do what they do best.

Another name worth monitoring is 2024 OL target Favour Edwin, who was supposed to take his official visit last weekend but could not due to having a playoff game on Saturday. Edwin has not confirmed that he will be in town this weekend, but this is probably Clemson’s last shot at getting him to campus. He is expected to be in Auburn for the Iron Bowl next weekend and then at Alabama the weekend of December 8. Auburn is probably in the drivers seat here.

4-star DE Bryce Davis makes his game day visit. Davis a Top 50 talent and one of the five best players at his position.

2024 S Jontae Gilbert will make his second visit of the season. The former Ohio State commit is a Top 100 talent and one of the Top 5 safety prospects in the nation.

Other Visitors

  • 2025 LB Jaedon Harmon (offered in Sept)
  • 2025 in-state LB Brett Young
  • 2025 OL Iam Hemilright
  • 2026 WR Jonathan Stafford Jr
  • 2026 in-state LB Damarion Roman
  • 2026 QB CJ Britt
  • 2026 WR Jordan Gidron
  • 2026 QB Brodie McWhorter

Around the program:

After beating GA Tech 42-21, Clemson is now, as we see it, slated to finish the regular season at 8-4. Not bad after what many assumed was bound to be a 7-5, or even 6-6 team after the loss at NC State.

Here are some stats that go above and beyond in showing why our confidence in this Tiger team is so high.

Scoring & Yardage

SplitSeasonLast 3 GamesAway vs. Home
Avg Score Margin+10.2+4.7-2.0+7.3+9.0+12.2
Opp Points/Game27.621.740.722.729.020.2
First Downs/Game26.
Opp Yards/Game400.6293.9483.3261.7430.0285.2

Offensive Efficiency

SplitSeasonLast 3 GamesAway vs. Home
Rush Play %51.31%49.78%49.59%49.58%57.08%54.72%
Pass Play %48.69%50.22%50.41%50.42%42.92%45.28%
3D Conversion %51.80%41.04%51.06%38.78%52.38%41.67%
RZ Scoring %91.67%72.50%94.12%100.00%100.00%79.17%

Defensive Efficiency

SplitSeasonLast 3 GamesAway vs. Home
Opp Plays/Game73.366.379.760.373.068.6
Opp Rush Play %50.45%48.07%60.67%49.72%48.40%46.36%
Opp Pass Play %49.55%51.93%39.33%50.28%51.60%53.64%
Opp Yards/Play5.
Opp Yards/Rush4.
Opp Yards/Pass7.
Opp Points/Play0.3760.3270.5100.3760.3970.294
Opp 3D Conv %38.52%34.81%45.65%28.57%42.11%29.17%
Opp RZ Scoring %79.41%82.61%85.71%100.00%75.00%73.33%

Turnovers, Penalties & TOP

SplitSeasonLast 3 GamesAway vs. Home
TO Margin/Game+0.7+0.20.0+0.7+0.3+1.0
Opp Int Thrown %3.27%3.82%2.25%7.32%2.94%5.29%
Fumble Rec %46.15%50.00%50.00%80.00%33.33%46.15%
Opp Penalties/Game6.
TOP % (excl OT)50.81%52.34%46.43%56.86%53.43%53.50%

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