Monday Musings: Barnes, Sapp, Miller, Parker Recap Georgia Tech, Look Ahead to North Carolina

Multiple members of the Clemson Tigers’ football team met with the media on Monday to recap the win over Georgia Tech and look ahead to next week’s home finale against North Carolina.

What We Heard

Khalil Barnes

  • On the freshman DBs: “We knew our class was going to be special. Coach Swinney said it too. And I think it shows on the field. We all celebrate with each other and came in with the right mindset.”
  • “We have a special connection. We feel like we have enough talent already here.”
  • On Avieon Terrell: “AV is just about his business. I met him on my Syracuse visit last year. The way he went about his business you could tell. He is all about his work. He is real cool once you get to know him.”
  • On Mickey Conn: “After my junior season, he came to my school, he kept saying he wanted me to be here. He felt like I was always around the ball. He knew I had never played safety really but he trusted his ability and he trusted my ability.”
  • On UNC offense: “Drake Maye, not too much to say about him. Everybody knows what kind of QB he is. He has weapons around him. It is going to be a challenge for sure.”
  • On Maye: “Eyes always down the field.”
  • Run fits, bad fits and eyes, are things Barned mentioned as areas he still needs to improve in.
  • On Mickey Conn Being on the field: “For me I really enjoy it. But I don’t know how it was last year.”

Josh Sapp

  • On filling in for Sage Ennis: “I know I am ready.”
  • “The main thing Sage brought was coming in being physical. I have to bring the same physicality and put people in the dirt.”
  • On Tyler Brown catch: “I have seen him make a lot of those catches (in practice). It just comes natural.”
  • “I played everything in high school. I ended up moving to WR and they moved me to TE in high school. I took it serious.”
  • On dad Patrick Sapp (Former Clemson QB): “He can still sling it. I’ve run lots of routes with him.”
  • On Cade Klubnik: “He is a great leader. Through all the good and bad he has stayed the same. Just a great leader.”
  • On blocking as a TE: “You just have to bring it. That is what coach (Kyle) Richardson always tells us.”

Blake Miller

  • On OL improvement: “It has been great to go back to the basics. Offensive linemen love to run the football so it is great.”
  • On the rotations at RG: “Whoever I am playing next to is who I am playing next to.”
  • On Mitchell Mayes: “I think he played really well this last game and I think he played well in the past too. It is just that one (bad) play stands out and it is glaring. But Mitchell is my guy.”
  • “It has been nice to basically show everyone what we can do and now everyone is kind of in our corner.”
  • “I feel like it is confidence. You have a bad game it is hard to recover from. Just being more intentional with the way I practice.”
  • On the OL asserting its will: “There is a certain time when you know you are imposing your wiil and it is a great feeling. Just being able to move someone against their will where they don’t want to go.”
  • On loss of Ennis: “We have depth at all positions so next man up. Josh Sapp is good in the run and pass game so I don’t think you’ll see some super drop off.”

TJ Parker

  • On carrying the Flag: “Who would say no to that. It is a great honor to have.”
  • On if defenses are paying him more attention: “Honestly, probably. I noticed early I saw a lot of one-on-ones. Now there are a lot of chippers.”
  • On the freshmen: “I knew early that most of the guys we came in with, just sitting back listening to how they understand the game. I seen it. They made a lot of plays in practice and it is translating to the field. It is no surprise to me.”
  • On Terrell: “He came in with that dog mentality. He doesn’t shy away from anything.”
  • On all the freshmen making plays vs GT: “That is the most I have yelled and run around the field since I got here. The best experience comes from celebrating with your teammates.”

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