New Official Visits Rule Won’t Change Much for Dabo Swinney and Clemson

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There is a big rule change coming to the recruiting world and it is one Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney thinks is a positive for high school prospects.

For what seems like forever, high school recruits have only been allowed five official visits. However, beginning July 1, high school prospects will no longer be limited to a set number. They will be allowed to take as many as they deem necessary, but at the same time, barring a coaching change, will still only be allowed one official visit to each school.

While that is bound to have major impacts on some schools across the country, Swinney doesn’t see it having much of an effect on his program.

“To me, it’s a positive for the player,” Swinney said. “It really doesn’t change much for us at Clemson. The kids, they can still only visit your school one time. It’s not like they get five visits to your school. They get one visit. So part hasn’t really changed.”

While many recruits are now having commitments locked in before the start of their senior seasons, some still stretch it out until the end of each recruiting cycle. For that reason, Swinney think this rule change will be beneficial.

“I think the way recruiting has moved up where you have official visits happening earlier and things like that, and you have a lot of kids that use their visits, maybe by the summer, and then maybe some of those offers go away, now all of a sudden they don’t have any room to take an official in the fall,” Swinney said. “I think it’s just common sense from the kids side of it.”

Last season, Clemson hosted official visits the first weekend in June. It was the first time that Swinney had hosted officials in the spring or summer. The program picked up a dozen commitments coming off of the event, and it was so successful that the Tigers are doing the same thing this summer and on the same weekend.

With Clemson being well known for having a majority of its recruiting classes in tact well before the beginning of the early signing period in December, the new rule change will likely affect some of the other programs more so than it does Swinney’s.

“For us at Clemson, it really doesn’t change,” Swinney said. “We’re gonna bring in the guys that we really are recruiting and the number of visits doesn’t change. You still get 56 total visits. And typically, every year by August or September, we’re pretty much always done with our class or really close. And I don’t really see that affecting us.”

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