No Set Number of Plays, But Clemson Wants to Go Fast

Under offensive coordinator Garrett Riley in 2022, the TCU Horn Frogs were an offensive juggernaught. TCU topped the nation with 21 plays of 50-plus yards, 14 offensive touchdowns of at least 50 yards and 10 scoring plays of at least 60 yards.

However, as exciting as those numbers are, the number that has Clemson fans excited is 70–as in the number of plays the Horned Frogs averaged in 2022. But even though Riley’s offense has a propensity for lots of plays, the focus is not so much on the number, but the speed.

And that is what he wants to see, the Tigers dictating the tempo to the defense and not reacting.

“I haven’t put a set limit or kind of a number on it yet,” Riley said. “It’s really just what we feel like our guys can handle, number one. Number two, everybody loves to play fast but defenses have caught up and know how to play against tempo defenses now to. And certainly against some people, you feel like you could have an advantage with tempo. But to me what’s more important is dictating the tempo. Okay. If you just play fast all the time, that may play in the hands of some people. So to me dictating the tempo is kind of the premium. But yeah, I mean with the way we line up, the way we formation and things like that, it does give us the ability to play a little bit faster.”

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