Putnam: ‘Important’ for Clemson to ‘Move On’ After Loss to Duke

Starting offensive lineman Will Putnam met with the media on Wednesday to talk about where the team was after Clemson’s 28-7 loss to Duke on Monday night and expectations moving forward.

What We Heard

  • Overall Putnam called the performance of the OL “encouraging.” The number one adjective as to be physical and he thought they were after watching the film. At the same time, admitted there were things that can be improved.
  • “In pass protection there were definitely some issues. Definitely need to fix those.”
  • “Everything outside of going 15-0 is still on the table. Credit to Duke, they beat us fair and square. We can still accomplish a lot of our goals.” However, also said there’s no room for error now to make the College Football Playoff, but he’s still thinking game by game.
  • Called the loss “disappointing.
  • “I think it is important for our team to move on. What we are looking forward to most right now is just a good performance. We don’t have to play some miracle, impossible performance, we just have to play good football. If we just play good football with the guys we have on our team right now, I think we will be alright.”
  • “We have high expectations. Expectations set by us, as well as people outside the program.”
  • Putnam thinks the team had a really good offseason and said the loss doesn’t change that but the only stat that matters is winning.
  • Putnam thinks one of the focal point going forward needs to be on getting the offense settled down. “You don’t wanna play emotional or you get outside of your frame. It’s something that is easier said than done. We need to play within ourselves and trust our coaches.”
  • Putnam said Cade Klubnik is “hard on himself” and he can’t wait to see him bounce back this weekend.
  • As an offensive lineman, Putnam said he is more partial to running the football.
  • Putnam doesn’t think there is any loss of confidence with players due to the loss. “I do think we can go prove we are still one of the best teams in the country.”
  • Said he thought overall Tristan Leigh played well in his first career start, despite a couple of mistakes. Noted that the Duke DEs were “very good.” He expects Leigh to have a “dominant performance” on Saturday and build off that effort going forward.

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