Putnam On Last Play of Game: ‘That Was Really the Tale of the Tape’

Veteran offensive lineman Will Putnam met with the media following Clemson’s 28-20 loss to Miami in double overtime.

What We Heard

  • “Obviously, that was a big mistake, but that wasn’t really the only mistake,” Putnam said of Cade Klubnik keeping the ball on the final play. “I think the accumulation of stuff like that was really the tale of the tape. We struggled in the first half but we were able to move the ball still. But between stuff like that, turnovers, missed assignments. Plays like that were the accumulation of our game and it happened even before that last play.”
  • “I haven’t really even digested that yet. A loss like that… it is so brutal,” Putnam said about the loss ending the Tigers’ ACC Title hopes.
  • “What more can you really do. You can tuck your tail or lose out the rest of the season, or you czn do the best you can to finish. Might not be the finish we wanted starting the year, or really the finish we wanted six hours ago, but it is what it is.”
  • “This isn’t a game to be timid. This isn’t a game to be timid. This is why you practice. You practice so you no longer have to think. You practice so you no longer have to play timid. So yeah, it’s definitely disappointing.”
  • One thing I would say, and Napoleon actually said this, precaution is oftentimes worse than the danger that it seeks to avoid. I think we can really use that. Maybe guys are overthinking, maybe guys are playing timid. That stuff is oftentimes worse than what you are really trying to avoid. You just got to leap into it. You don’t just step onto the field. You got to leap into your destiny.”

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