Riley Confident Clemson Can Strengthen Recruiting Footprint In Texas

Garrett Riley (Jason Priester All Clemson)

Over the past several years, Clemson has really made an effort to expand its recruiting footprint in the state of Texas.

In the past few cycles alone, the Tigers have added several blue-chip talents from the Lone Star State, including starting quarterback Cade Klubnik.

With Garrett Riley now on board as Clemson’s offensive coordinator, expect that trend to continue.

“It’s pretty cool to wear that paw, there’s no doubt,” Riley said. “A lot of people in Texas I think have a great respect for this brand and what Clemson’s done, certainly the last decade. And so I think there’s a lot of respect out there in that state for Clemson.”

Last year’s Broyles Award winner has deep roots in the state of Texas. Riley was born in the state. He played at Texas Tech and has spent the past three seasons running the offenses at SMU and TCU.

After signing offensive linemen Ian Reed and Harris Sewell from the state in the last recruiting cycle, the Tigers are hoping to repeat that success in 2024.

Clemson handed out offers to Casey Poe and Michael Uini over the weekend. Blake Frazier has long held one. All three are 4-star prospects that hail from Texas, and Riley is confident he can help Clemson strengthen its footprint in the state.

“It’s been pretty good outreach since I got here from a lot of Texas high school coaches and people I have relationships with in football,” Riley said. “I know they’re excited for us and for me and for all these Texas guys on the roster. We’ve done well recruiting there last several years in bringing some guys in from Texas. So I think it’s only going to help us have a strong footprint there as we move forward.”

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