Shipley Dives into His Leadership Style, Thinks Rest of Season Will Be ‘Hell of a Story’

Clemson starting RB Will Shipley was named to the AFCA All Works Team on Tuesday and the junior standout met with the media to discuss the accolade as well as preview the upcoming matchup against Florida Atlantic.

What We Heard

  • Shipley said it is an honor to be named to the All Works Team and noted how he is always looking for ways to “give back.”
  • On his leadership style, Shipley said “I believe in how I do it.” However, he also admits his style might not be for everybody.
  • “Every guy in that room has worked their tail off,” Shipley said regarding the RB room. “I believe I set the standard for our RB room. We as a room have an image, and I want them to understand they need to carry that weight to the best of their ability.”
  • Said his leadership abilities come from him being a perfectionist. “Nothing is really ever enough for me.”
  • One of Shipley’s biggest goals is trying to make his father as proud as he can be.
  • When asked if the offense would take off if they could eliminate the mistakes, Shipley replied “Yes, no doubt. Got to continue to cut out the turnovers.” Noted the Tigers have lost the turnover margin in eight of the past nine games.
  • Shipley called Cade Klubnik special. “It’s hard to get that kid down. Just to see that determination. He always wants to get better.”
  • “You can never be as good as you want to be,” Shipley said in regards to where he is still looking to improve. Most notably, he said he is still looking to be better in his pass protection.
  • “It makes my job a lot easier,” Shipley said of being on the field at the same time as Phil Mafah. “It opens up other things. Passing opportunities. It’s going to play a big part in our success.
  • Asked about being written off after the Duke loss, Shipley said “It’s going to be a hell of a story.”
  • Shipley called freshman Peter Woods an “absolute stud.”
  • “Having Coach Riley on the sidelines is going to be a huge benefit for us.” Said he “commands the attention of the huddle.
  • When it comes to self-evaluating, yards per carry is one stat Shipley likes to look at it. But the biggest thing is breaking down his play by just watching the film.

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