Simplicity is Key for WRs in Riley’s system

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For the first time since Chad Morris arrived in Clemson, the Tigers will have an easier system for the wide receivers to learn–that is because under new offensive coordinator Garrett Riley the receivers stay on one side of the field.

It may seem like a small detail, but in reality it allows the offense to go faster while allowing receiver to become experts in catching the ball.

“If he’s on the left side, he can truly master catching the ball over this shoulder. On the right side, that guy can be a master at catching over that shoulder,” Riley said. “Things like that, where they just do it over and over again. They’re not flipping every time and getting used to a million different things, so there is some comfort with just kind of being in the same spot a lot. That goes back to old principals of what I learned at an early age.”

Head coach Dabo Swinney also believes that this small, but massive change, will pay benefits to his team.

“The biggest thing is your outside receivers. We would always cross-train our guys; the X and the Z, the 2 and the 9, depending on whatever we called them, whatever year it was.” said Swinney. “Now, when you get into game-planning you can put guys wherever you want, but as a base rule, [receivers] don’t switch sides. So, they cross-train naturally. Which, I like that because the ball gets distributed differently too. That X, on the next play he’s a Z, and that Z, on the next play he’s an X. Then your slots make the adjustments.”

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