Talking Tuesday: Briningstool, Mascoll, Collins, McCloud and Shipley Meet with the Media

What we heard:


  • On offensive resurgence:n”I think it is a culmination of a lot of things, the biggest thing is just us believing in each other… it has been really good for us from a confidence standpoint”
  • On Sage Ennis season ending injury: “Losing Sage is huge, he was really starting to take off, really being a leader and take control of the younger guys… losing him hurts us as a tight end room… I think it is a good oppurtunity for the younger guys though”


  •  On team camaraderie: “Really we have rallied well, not pay any attention to the outside distractions, we believe in each other and that is all that matters… we just want to continue to keep growing”
  • On success against Drake Maye last year: “I feel like it was the pressure that we applied, it can affect the game a lot, having to speed up his reads and progressions… just having him contained and not letting him get out the pocket to much”
  • On senior day: “I say my favorite part about this week is seeing all the guys buy in and give it their all, I feel like everybody has a different appreciation for the Valley and I can just see it in everybody’s eyes”


  •  Talks about the demise of WRU: “It has been amazing, I did not feel like we went anywhere, we just took a little break but we are back now and we are going to uphold that standard and make the guys before us proud”
  • On end of the year goal: “Our main focus has been for our seniors… keeping our heads down and going to work”
  • On
  •  growth from Cade Klubnik: “I just say situational awareness… I feel like he is becoming more comfortable in the pocket and trusting the O-line… he has done a great job of that”


  • On his brother Ray Ray: “It gets competitive with me and Ray, even going back to as far as high school, it is always love and he called me after the game and told me he knew my time would come… I am blessed to have him in my corner”
  • On finding out he was going to start: “Actually before the game Coach Wes came up to me and said get ready you are up, it was great having a guy like Barrett drop knowledge to me… it was great having those guys behind my back before the game and I just felt like I was ready”


  • On anger after possible targeting against UNC: “Looking back at it, it was just frustration that it was not even being reveiwed for a targeting call… I absolutely love the refs and the work they put it but I believe it is their responsibility to keep the players safe, just frustrating.”
  • On how NC State hit impacted his emotions: “I think it definitely plays a role, the biggest concern for me, first time that I have ever been knocked unconscious… first game back being a little timid and hesitant going into the game”
  • On Phil Mafah getting the start: “For me as a competitor it is difficult because I have my best friend out there rushing for 200 yards absolutely kicking butt… as a competitor I want to be out there, it is kind of a sour sweet game”
  • Mafah’s incredible day against Notre Dame: “It was incredible, I was not able to be as heavily involved in his preparation that I would have liked to be, but I had a chance to talk to him Friday night and Saturday right before the game… being on that sideline and seeing everything come to fruition it brought a smile to my face”

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