Tiger Talking Tuesday: Ennis, Terrell, Lewis, Anderson and Weitz Meet with Media

Following head coach Dabo Swinney’s meeting with the media Tuesday, ahead of the Tigers’ trip to face the Miami Hurricanes, five additional players met with the media to preview Saturday’s matchup, go over how they spent the week off and their expectations for the second half of the season.

Sage Ennis

  • Coach Riley’s offense: “Learn to split out and be a slot receiver, we have learned to handle that and get better in that position… Jake (Briningstool) is a unique specimen, great length, speed and can run routes…”
  • On the new offensive scheme: “We are asked to do a lot of different things, we have taken a charge on blocking for screens and being a lead block for running backs… just continue to work on any flaws and continue to attack the small things that need to be fixed”
  • On motivation in the TE room: “Being able to learn under Davis [Allen] who was not verbal but lead in a way that was moving… I wouldn’t say I used it as motivation, I just put in the work in the offense to prepare myself for the opportunity… capitalizing when I was given a chance”
  • On being from Florida: “I’m pretty excited, I don’t have a lot of guys that I know there at Miami, I got to watch them… this is my first time going down to Miami so I am excited”
  • “Cade has done a better job as leading, it’s hard to be backing up the whole season and then you are starting in the Orange Bowl… I actually sat back and challenged him and personally, I have seen him get better at those things… I can’t be any more happy for him”

Aveion Terrell:

  • On influence from A.J. Terrell: “His influence has been good, just tells me to stay focused and be humble and stay in the playbook”
  • On recruiting process: “He (Dabo Swinney) met me in 6th grade, my first time seeing Dabo was like a dream come true, Clemson was a dream school for me… it felt good, they treated my brother right so why not”
  • On man-to-man coverage: “I love it, it feel good when you have a safety over top, but when you are one on one and you make that play it really feels good”
  • On Coach Reed: “That’s my guy, we are very close, he gets on me when I am doing bad, he’s a good coach, he stays on me, makes sure I am in the playbook”

Jonathan Weitz

  • On how kicking job came about: “It was pretty interesting, I didn’t reach out to anyone…and someone told Coach Swinney and I got a text and next thing I know I was driving up here and now I am sitting in front of y’all”
  • “I have never had a should I be here moment, and that week of FSU I felt like I was right where I was supposed to be, trusting my gut and having that peace about me”
  • On the 51-yd field goal: “I hit the ball as good as I could, I started it middle right, it was a pretty strong wind but I just didn’t assess the wind good enough… gave me way more confidence running back out there, I was super happy on how I hit that ball”
  • On kicking from the right and left hash: “I never even really think about it, I am more thinking all my swing thoughts, I’m not really thinking like that, just set my line and hit the ball”
  • “Everything just feels right, I don’t know what that reason is, but everything just feels right, it’s a super unique experience… I am just enjoying it all and having fun with it and doing it all with my friends”

Shelton Lewis

  • On Khalil Barnes: “I could just tell how Khalil carried himself, just showing what he can do. We had a mindset and was both on the same page, we were going to prepare as we was a starter and do whatever it takes to see the field”
  • On nerves in first start: “Just coming in here early and the preparation I put in with the guys, no nervousness, just ready to play”
  •  On Coach Reed impact: “I just think me being about my business and knowing the plan and executing it… being a dog and not taking a back seat to nobody”

Jamal Anderson

  • On having a dad play in the NFL: “He definitely mentioned it to me a lot, growing up I played running back up until about 10th grade, I wasn’t to happy about it”
  • On change to LB and a little height advantage on his dad: “I’m happy now for sure, I think it was a great decision, got a couple inches on him, but I am happy for sure”
  • n first game nerves: “Obviously everybody is going to have a little first game nerves, Khalil and I were just like looking and gave a little smirk, but we were ready to play for sure”

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