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You’ve got recruiting questions and we have the answers.

Welcome to All Clemson’s recruiting mailbag, where we will answer your recruiting questions. Or we will at least attempt to do so, as recruiting is a world with many moving parts and an ever-changing landscape where circumstances can often change in a flash.

With that in mind, let’s dive in.

tigerpawgt: Is the update on Air Noland pointing solidly to Ohio State after his visit?

Blake: How’s Air Noland looking for Clemson?

Noland is hard to get a good read on. I believe there are things he genuinely likes about each school he has visited this spring. His most recent was to Ohio State, and the Buckeyes finally offered while he was in town. Whether that swings the pendulum in their direction, that’s hard to say.

We will know one way or another come Saturday, as Noland will announce on April 8. As for Clemson’s chances, this is one I just don’t have a good feeling about. I would feel a lot better had the Tigers been able to get him back for a second spring visit or if he had pushed his decision back until the summer and taken an official to Clemson in June.

I thought Miami was probably the team to beat in the spring and I have not seen or heard anything substantial enough the past few weeks to change that.

ztiger93: Any particular position besides QB that Garrett Riley prioritizes or spends extra time recruiting for 2024?

Priorities generally reflect needs, so I am not sure I would say any one position gets more time than another. I might even put Clemson’s biggest needs in the 2024 class on the defensive side of the ball, particularly at linebacker and end.

On the offensive side, with Cade Klubnik and Chris Vizzina already on the roster, I certainly wouldn’t call quarterback a dire need, although, they absolutely want to sign one, and a quality one at that. With all that in mind, I would say the biggest needs are along the offensive line.

Expect Clemson to sign at least three, maybe even four, and with multiple targets, including Casey Poe and Michael Uini, residing in Texas. Maybe Riley’s roots in that area can help.

TJ: Latest on 2024 WR Jonathan Paylor and LB SammyBrown?

Paylor was one of the first two receivers to pick up an offer in the class. He visited twice last season but has not returned since. He was supposed to be at Elite Junior Day in January but a scheduling conflict kept him from attending. It has been reported that he planned to take an official visit that first weekend in June, but we’ll see if that actually happens. I lean towards thinking it will not.

He is also set to take an official to South Carolina in June, a visit I would absolutely expect to take place. Paylor has been trending towards the Gamecocks for quite some time and has made that no secret, stating numerous times publicly they were at the top of his list.

LB Sammy Brown was back on campus Monday. It was the second time he has visited this spring. Expect him back in June for his official and then a decision sometime later in the summer. He will also take officials to Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio State and possibly Tennessee.

Curtis: Waiting on the shades….


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