Tiger Tracker: All Clemson Recruiting Mailbag

T.J. Parker (Jason Priester All Clemson)

You’ve got recruiting questions and we have the answers.

Welcome to the All Clemson Tigers’ recruiting mailbag, where we will answer your recruiting questions. Or we will at least attempt to do so, as recruiting is a world with many moving parts and an ever-changing landscape where circumstances can often change in a flash.

With that in mind, let’s dive in.

Les: How many total commits will Clemson pursue for the 2024 class, and what positions are priority since Corian Gipson’s commitment?

Gipson’s commitment gives the Tigers 17 in the 2024 class and I think we end up in the 21-23 range. That number is always fluid, though, seeing as you never know when you might have some unexpected attrition.

They still need one more DE, one more LB, and one or two more OL. It also would not shock me to see a third WR added at some point. Although, I do think it would have to be a slot type guy seeing as they already have two bigger bodied, outside guys on board in 4-star TJ Moore and 5-star Bryant Wesco.

Kevin: Any cookout rumors?

Mike: Will there be anymore 2024 LB offers?

The cookout isn’t the big recruiting event that it once was. Since Dabo Swinney started hosting official visits that first weekend in June, the cookout has become more about getting the committed players back on campus one more time before the season starts. All but a handful of the 2024 commitments made it in.

Last year, two uncommitted targets visited for the cookout. This time, just one. That was 4-star LB Bradley Shaw (Hoover, Al). While he has not publicly announced an offer, it is safe to assume he now has one. Shaw has already taken officials to Notre Dame and Arkansas, and you can expect him to take more in the fall.

While the Tigers were always open to taking a third LB in this class, T.J. Dudley’s dismissal all but makes it a necessity. 3-star Wyatt Simmons (Harding Academy, Searcy, Al) also has an offer. However, he is one of those guys who is extremely hard to track, so it is hard to know exactly where things stand. Auburn is thought to be the biggest competition.

Ryan: Out of all the 2023 signees, who do you think will have the biggest impact this year other than Peter Woods?

I will go with DE TJ Parker. The former 4-star prospect showed during the spring that he is close to being ready physically and the Tigers aren’t loaded with experienced depth at end. Xavier Thomas and Justin Mascoll are the expected starters. Thomas has struggled with injuries that have kept him off the field in recent seasons. That is something that can not be ignored.

Behind them are Cade Denhoff and Zaire Patterson, both developmental guys that were part of the 2021 class. Denhoff has logged just 20 snaps in his career and Patterson has seen action in just one game. Add in Greg Williams deciding to give up football and there is very little experienced depth. That should translate into opportunities for the freshman and seeing as Parker is the only end to have enrolled early, that gives him a leg up on David Ojiegbe and A.J. Hoffler.

I also think WR Tyler Brown is capable of making an impact. He has the type of speed the Tigers have been missing at wideout at times over the past couple of seasons. While I wouldn’t expect him to come in and nab a starting role, I fully believe he is capable of working himself into the rotation.

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