Trenton Simpson Expected to Show Out at Combine

Trenton Simpson is rated as one of the top inside linebackers in the country heading into the draft. ESPN’s Mel Kiper, Jr., ranks him as the third highest rated inside backer on his board.

Thamel reported an NFL scout projects Simpson as a first-round pick because he is physical, aggressive and instinctive.

According to NFL Draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah, he expects Simpson to put on an absolute show in the upcoming NFL Draft Combine.

“Trenton Simpson is going to run. He is probably going to run in the 4.4s. He is going to jump out of the gym. I think he will put on a Devon White-type workout show,” Jeremiah said. “With him, the same thing I was just talking about with Tindall, the linebacker from last year. It’s just how well do you see things? Sometimes if you get clear sight lines, he can see it, he can go, you will see that burst. He is off the edge. You’ll see him blitz. You will see him chase plays laterally. He has tremendous, tremendous juice. It’s just sometimes in the trash there you kind of get lost a little bit amidst all those bodies. That’s the only knock on him. That’s the only concern.”

Jeremiah added that he would not be surprised if Simpson went in the first round to a team in the NFC East–because of his athleticism.

“I would not be shocked at all if he went in the first round,” Jeremiah said. “I know one thing. If you want to — if you are in a division with an athletic quarterback, like if you were in the — if you were in the NFC East with Jalen Hurts and you want to have somebody that can play that role and be a spy and be able to mirror and just close those alleys, this dude is unbelievable when he spies the quarterback. So, you know, that’s going to be interesting to see with him what happens, but I would not be shocked if he goes in the first round at all.”

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Chiseled weakside linebacker with rare speed for the position to run down the action in all directions. Simpson played inside in 2022 but displayed average play recognition and a lack of patience that saw him get caught in traffic near the line. He can play run-and-hit football with his speed when playing outside. He needs to cut back the arm tackles and pursue with better angles to the ball. He’s a premium athlete capable of squeezing routes from zone and attacking the pocket as a blitzer. Simpson isn’t quite game-ready yet, but players with his traits and range eventually find the field.

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