Under Garrett Riley, Less is More Will Be the Approach

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Brandon Steeter’s tenure as offensive coordinator was a single-year experiment. However that experiment was not a complete bust, as the Clemson Tiger offense did improve in a lot of areas.

This past season, the Clemson offense finished 4th in the ACC in scoring (33.2 pts/game), 5th in total offense (410.3 yds/game), 5th in rushing offense (177.9 yds/game) and sixth in passing yards (232.4/game).

However, the offense declined during the back half of the season and the quarterback situation with DJ Uiagalelei was sometimes dicey. Clemson pulled Uiagalelei three times since the Syracuse game in Week 7 for freshman Cade Klubnik.

If there is one place that new offensive coordinator Garrett Riley differs in his philosophy from Streeter, it is in the number of plays on his call sheet.

Klubnik stated he believed that at times last season, the Tigers had as many as 80 plays on their call sheet–a far cry from Riley, who in contrast believes that “less is more”.

“I mean, it’s not 80. Just whatever we feel like we need to carry but for us, what we do, less is more,” Riley said. “Like I said, we’ll just kind of see where we’re at and what we feel like we need to carry. But if we can trim it, we’re going to trim it.”

That trimming of the plays means that the Tigers hope to get back to dictating to the defense what they want to do, rather than what had become the norm over the last few seasons–taking what the defense is giving them.

“To me dictating the tempo is kind of the premium,” Riley said. “But yeah, I mean with the way we line up, the way we formation and things like that, it does give us the ability to play a little bit faster.”

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