Venables Likely Out for the Year

CLEMSON — Clemson safety Tyler Venables is likely out for the season, head coach Dabo Swinney announced to the media on Tuesday, as part of his Annual Media Outing at the Allen Reeves Football Complex.

Swinney said his veteran defensive back suffered a hip labral tear, which required surgery. The plan is to hold Venables out this season as a redshirt. He could return later in the year if the team needs him.

According to Swinney, Venables has three years to play two. He can play up to four games this year and keep his redshirt.

Venables had surgery on Monday.

“It was a decision by him to maybe play through it and then maybe do it after the season. But it was (Venables’) decision to go ahead and get it done, which I am really excited about because he has made a decision to really use all of his eligibility ,” Swinney said. “Technically, I know it feels like he has been here a long time, but he has three year’s to play two. He has battled a lot of injuries. He has had torn hamstrings. He had the other hip. He has had a shoulder. He has had a lot of setbacks.

“He is such a great player and a valuable guy. So, what we are going to try and do with him is take the long haul approach and try to redshirt him if we can, which would be a real positive for us for next year because we will get a veteran guy back.”

In other injury news: Swinney also mentioned that defensive tackle Tre Williams and cornerback Myles Oliver will miss the start of fall camp. Neither have any injuries that are considered serious.

Williams will be back at practice by the middle of camp. He had a shoulder issue from his high school playing days that he got corrected.

“He’s in a good place,” Swinney said.

Oliver is still getting back from the injury that held him out in 2022.

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