What Did Myles Murphy Say at the NFL Combine

What sets you apart as a pass rusher?

The biggest thing is versatility. I have film of playing from the three-technique all the way out to a wide nine, two-point, three-point. Dominating in every gap, honestly. Great off the ball, great speed off the ball. Great point of attack. Being 275 pounds, I have the strength to go with it.

What type of emphasis do you place on your pass-rush repertoire?

Really just staying fluid in my movements. Burst and speed is great. It’s a matter of putting that foot in the ground and staying fluid in my hip turns and ankle mobility.

What were expectations at Clemson?

Coach Swinney had this big thing, preseason is the talking season. What really matters is the season. That’s a Swinney-ism, what we call it. It really is true. You have to put that in the background. You know your team is national championship worthy so you’ve got to go in and grind.

Your attitude on defending the run so well?

Honestly, it’s an attack-react mindset. You have to set the front straight early. I like to attack them first so I can re-set the line of scrimmage. Once you re-set the line of scrimmage that really messes up the line for the offense.

What are some key elements to your development?

Staying disciplined and staying consistent in my routine. Day in and day out it’s really a year-round thing. It’s like a nine-to-five job. It can get tiring but it’s when you get tired that you’ve got to keep going with what you know is right and you will progress naturally.

Did you play any other sports growing up?

I played baseball and basketball all the way up until my sophomore year of high school. Baseball was my strong suit them. All the way growing up I was a pitcher, first baseman and outfielder. At 14, 15 years old I was the big, 6-foot-4 lefty on the mound throwing 89-90 mph. I wasn’t the most accurate pitcher. But I did my best. I got my first three offers in football and I said I’m going to stick with that.

Anybody that you model your game after?

Myles Garrett. I’ve been watching him for years. I’ve been watching him since freshman year.

Where have you been training leading up to the combine?

I went to EXOS in Phoenix. I’ve been training with Nick Hill, Keegan and all the guys. The biggest thing I was trying to focus on was body composition, and getting that forty-time down. We’re focused on that 10-yard split, getting that get-off. Then maintaining that top speed.

You test well, what is the most you have bench and power-cleaned?

Bench 405 pounds and my max power clean is 345 pounds.

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