What Did We Hear? Clemson WR Adam Randall, LB Wade Woodaz Meet With Media

CLEMSON- Adam Randall and Wade Woodaz met with the media following Tuesday’s practice. Here is what we heard from the two sophomore standouts.

Adam Randall

Randall said there is a different feeling in the receiver room now that everyone is healthy. Feels the corners on the defense are making them better every day.

Randall said he felt like he was at 100% physically after coming back last year. Not having the brace on his leg has helped him a lot. It allows him to play free.

Randall feels like he and Cade Klubnik are on the same wavelength. Said the two being roommates only helps that.

Said Klubnik is about his business and will do whatever he needs to do to get the job done.

Randall said the identity of the offense is “probably going to be really fast.” Talks about playing fast, running by people and being explosive.

Calls freshman Tyler Brown “a really fast guy.” Said he will help the team out a lot, particularly in the return game.

Randall thinks the receivers have done a “really good job” on 50/50 balls in camp. Also adds the offense is using the middle of the field a little more compared to last year’s offense.

Wade Woodaz

With Jeremiah Trotter missing some time during camp, Woodaz said that has allowed him more time to rep at MIKE and get a lot more comfortable playing the position.

Woodaz noted a lot of the young guys have gotten better during camp. Said we can throw those guys in and the standard does not change. Called Dee Crayton and Jamal Anderson “extremely intuitive.” Went on to call Crayton “flashy and quick.” Said he is not afraid of putting in the work.

Woodaz said playing safety in high school has helped him adapt to playing linebacker in college, as well as having played quarterback in high school.

Woodaz said he probably weighed around 205 in the Orange Bowl and got pushed around some. He vowed that would not happen again. He is now up to 230 pounds. Said the difference in strength is noticeable. And he definitely thinks he could still play safety at his current weight

Said his strength coach in high school coined the term “open up a can of wood-azz.”

Woodaz feels the defense has more depth this season. Says Xavier Thomas “can fly” and that Andrew Mukuba has been “locked in.” Said Mukuba being healthy is one of the biggest differences compared to last year.

Woodaz said he is excited that younger brother Drew committed to Clemson. Noted playing together was something they had been talking about since they were kids. Called Drew “more athletic” than he is.

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