What Did We Hear: Marcus Tate and Ruke Orhorhoro

CLEMSON— The Tigers just wrapped up Day 4 of camp and today the media heard from offensive lineman Marcus Tate and defensive lineman Ruke Orhorhoro.

Here is what we heard:

  • Ruke Orhorhoro on what’s so advanced about the freshmen DTs, in particular Peter Woods: “(Woods is) coming in benching 475. That’s unheard of.”
  • Orhorhoro on Tyler Davis’ decision to return: “I knew I was coming back way before, but I wanted him (Tyler Davis) to say it so I would ask him, and he said to ask me and we just kept it going”
  • “Tyler called me and asked if I wanted to come back and I just had the biggest smile on my face. Ever since then I knew that I was coming back”
  • Tate was asked about his injury from last season that held him out of the spring: “I tore my MCL, my MPFL, because my kneecap fell out and went back in and I tore a part of my patella”. 
  • Tate on recovery: “It was pretty intense, but the way I look at it is that it was just something that I would have to deal with. If I had a bad attitude about it then I wouldn’t have gotten back the way that I did, so I attacked it every day and I was aggressive because I feel like this was a good shot for me to work on myself and my body and I would say my focus has been better than it was the last two years because of the injury”.
  • Tate on offense: “I would say the biggest difference is, the tempo and this offense is much more creative. We are focusing on getting the ball to our playmakers in space and that makes it easier on the offensive line because we are playing against much lighter boxes. For me, the tempo is faster and we are able to play more aggressive and more free in this offense.”
  • Tate on tempo: “we are a lot more conditioned this year, we are kicking butt when we are moving fast. We are pushing the tempo even more this year, especially the way Cade pushes it because he is a little more high tempo… It is crazy”

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